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Qabuli Palao
(Brown basmati rice with lamb meat sprinkled with fried carrots, sultanas, almonds and pistachios)

(White basmati rice with cumin seeds added for taste)

(Medium grain rice with lamb shoulder on the bone, turmeric, yoghurt, fresh dill weed, fresh coriander, peeled orange slices, crushed garlic, chick peas and mild chilli)

Korma gosht boh alou Bokhara wah dalnakhod
(Lamb with sour plums and lentils)

Qurma morgh boh mutter
(Chicken thigh fillet with green peas)

Back strip tikka Sikh kebab
(Lamb back strip marinated, skewered and barbequed)

Chicken Sikh kebab
(Chicken thigh pieces skewered and barbequed over a charcoal flame)

Fish fillets
(Fish fillets that are marinated and fried)

Mixed garden salad

Green chutney

Red chutney

(Pickled vegetables)

(Afghani bread)

(Assorted seasonal fresh fruits beautifully decorated and plentiful)

The below desserts are included:
Baklava (2 types)
Keshmesh Panir
Assorted cakes

Optional extras:


Fresh prawns

Deep fried prawns

Narenj Palao

(A sweet basmati rice made with saffron, orange peel, almonds, pistachios and served with chicken breast)

Sabzee boh gosht

(Spinach served with lamb)

Boroni Banjan

(Deep fried eggplant coated with Greek style yoghurt with a sprinkle of dried mint)

Chaplee kebab

(Minced meat mixed with vegetables and spices then fried to perfection)

Chicken Tikka Sikh Kebab

(Chicken thigh pieces skewered and barbequed over a charcoal flame)

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